Boat picking up participants at the shore of the Amazon River in Manaus, BR.
Workshop in Manaus, BR      
United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Amazonia,

Project by ORGE Innovation Consulting: Design-led innovation consultancy that offers services in the areas of Knowledge Brokering, Open Innovation Consortium, Design Strategies, Project Framing, Innovation Capacity Building, and Leadership Mentoring.
January to June, 2015

Carlos Teixeira - Orge innovation consultant
Eileen Ellis - Orge innovation consultant, Account and Project Manager
Laura Dusi - Project Lead & Innovation consultant
Andrea Morales -  Innovation consultant
Leah Cabrera Fisher - Innovation consultant
Gertrud Høgh Rasmussen - Innovation consultant (first phase)
Jason Cheng - Innovation consultant (first phase)

My Role
Strategy and workshop materials development, translation from EN to PT, recruiting and training local facilitators, Project Analysis.
The project

This multi-country project was a series of workshops held in Portuguese and Spanish with local leaders representing various non governmental institutions, academia and communities.

Our challenge was to identify main concerns from local leadership about the future or the Amazon region and facilitate the co-creation of local solutions. Both to inform the SDSN and to facilitate the development of scalable solutions to problems related to climate change, environment, sustainability, poverty, health, education, and communication for Amazon countries. 

We created a knowledge brokering and innovation session that is open sourced and replicable in the countries, including their translation into Spanish and Portuguese, and facilitators support materials.

This project was part of a bigger Amazon initiative. 
Workshop in Lima, PE    
A sneak peek at our process.   

- Workshop Kit
- Knowledge Brokering Manual
- Analysis Coding system
- Solutions Matrix (comparing countries solution)
- Learnings report to SDSN
- Structured projects ideas for the participants to apply for funding

The results from the project influenced international government environmental policy including the Amazon Vision 2030.
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